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Documents and Tools for Keiser Developers

Why Keiser?

Part of Keiser's commitment to performance is to get data into the user's hands.

Get Started

Choose a platform to develop on. Each platform is uniquely designed to ease development.


Follow Keiser's documentation closely to ensure compatibility with all potential configurations.


Use the tools Keiser has developed to test your application without needing hardware.

Final Step

Let Keiser know about your project. We are always excited to see how our platforms are being used.


Let us know how we can help you more. Keiser will do it's best to support you throughout development and launch.

Platform Description
eChip Interface with the eChip to collect data from Air and Infinity machines.
M3i Bike Collect data from a single M3i bike using Bluetooth Smart technology. Best for cutting-edge mobile development.
Multi-Bike Receiver Collect data from multiple M3i bikes using standard ethernet protocols. Usable with any internet capable device, and best for class oriented applications.