Keiser Brand Guidelines for Developers

Last revised on May 7, 2018

Keiser is committed to bringing power to developers through our open APIs and documentation. As a protection for our brand and our end-users, we do require that you, as a developer, adhere to our API agreement and branding guidelines.

For questions, contact our Developer Support.

Logo Requirements

The use of the Keiser logo is encouraged, but not mandatory on services and application interfacing with Keiser equipment directly without use of Keiser services or applications. The use of the Keiser logo is required when utilizing Keiser services or applications (such as Keiser Metrics) to handle interfacing with equipment.

Logo Usage


  1. The size and positioning of the Keiser logo are always in the proportion shown.
  2. The Keiser logo must be used in its entirety.
  3. Alterations to any of the elements in the logo is prohibited.
  4. The Keiser logo must be placed on a White (#FFFFFF), Black (#000000), or Cool Gray (#252525) background.
  5. The Keiser logo will be no smaller than 32px in height at 1x resolution, or 64px in height at 2x resolution.

Use of Logo and Keiser Name

  1. The Keiser logo or name can appear in close proximity to the name or logo of the application or service but must be clearly separate and of equal or lesser prominence.
  2. The Keiser logo, name, or iconic imagery (ex: stylized Keiser "K" or similar) cannot be used as the icon or emblem of the application or service.
  3. The Keiser logo or name cannot be used in a manner which implies the application or service was sponsored or support by Keiser.

Use of Keiser Name and Trademark

You may make references to Keiser and associated Keiser products in plain-text usage for describing your applications capabilities and features. You must not use the Keiser name in a manner which directly or implicitly suggests that Keiser endorses or in any way supports the application or service.

When referencing our company name use "Keiser". The Keiser name and logos are all protected by applicable trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property laws. Keiser reserves the right to cancel, modify or change these guidelines or the API Agreement at any time at its sole discretion.